The Best Father’s Day Sales & Deals For 2018

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Another Father’s Day is fast approaching.  Father’s Day is on June 17th this year which leaves little time to figure out what to buy for that special parent who you’re never sure how to buy for.  With a little help from us here at Best Discount Programs, you can take advantage of Father’s Day sales below and score a great deal for Pops.

Father's Day Meal Delivery

1. Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service

Not enough time in the day to shop AND cook dinner during the week?  Blue Apron can solve that dilemma rather quickly.   Right now they are offering a total of $50 off (50% off for your first two weeks of meal delivery), for new customers.  Sign up Dad (and Mom) using the link below to cash in on the Father’s Day savings.

> Blue Apron Father’s Day Special: $50 Off! ($25 Off Each Week)

Father's Day Beer Glasses

2. Creative Irish Gifts

Skip ahead of this gift idea if your Dad has not been known to perform a jig.  Creative Irish Gifts has all things Irish.  They offer personalization services for your gift to make an even bigger impression with the old man.  Shop for barware (similar to the glass set above), clothing, decorations and more and receive free shipping with the promo code below.

> Free Shipping for Father’s Day at Creative Irish Gifts! Gifts for Dad! Use code GMAY181C. Valid for a limited time, Shop Now!

Father's day vacation deal

3. Airplane or Hotel Deals with

Known for their cheap airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals, Cheap O Air is running a Father’s Day promotion.  Depending on your budget, a flight or overnight stay might be a bit over the top but combining holidays or dividing up payment among siblings could do the trick.

> Dad’s Are Rad! Give Yours The Gift of Travel Today! Save Up to $9 on Flights and Hotels with Promo Code MYDAD9. Book Now!

Jelly Beans For Dad

4. Jelly Beans!

If your your Dad or Grandpa enjoys these tasty treats, Jelly Belly has got a deal for you.  They are offering 15% off when you spend $39 or more.  Plenty of different gift packs and flavors to choose from.  Use the link below to cash in on the savings.

> Spend $39+ & get 15% Off your order from Jelly Belly! Use code: YOUSAVE15. Shop now!

Basketball Jersey For Dad

5. Athletic Apparel

Ah, yes… The perfect gift for a sports lover.  Macy’s is running a promotion of NBA apparel, offering as much as 50% off select basketball clothing.  And while the NBA Finals may well be over by the time you give your gift, at least you can be proud of your savings.

> 50% off Select NBA Player Product. Shop now at! Valid 5/11 through 7/1

> 20% Off NBA Crates With Code SCNBAPLAYOFF20| 4/15-6/17

Father's Day T-Shirts

6. Epic Father’s Day T-shirts

Groupon has a comfy t-shirt for your Dad, no matter their size or sense of humor.  Depending on the size you could save up to 15% or more.  Head on over using the link below as Groupon has savings on way more Father’s Day items besides t-shirts.

> 15% off Father’s Day T-shirts on Groupon

Tools For Dad

7. Home Improvement Items

If your Dad is a handy man, they’re likely looking to always improve something around the house. Lowe’s and Home Depot are can’t miss stores for Dad. If you shop early enough, you can take advantage of their Memorial Day sales. Otherwise, they will have sales the week leading up to Father’s Day. Get some ideas by browsing Lowe’s or Home Depot.

> Find the perfect Father’s Day gift at Lowe’s.

$20 off Dad's business wardrobe

8. Updated Professional Wardrobe

There is nothing like a an upgrade to your wardrobe to boost your excitement for the work day. JOS. A. Bank Clothiers is offering a printable coupon for $20 purchases of $100 or more. You could grab Dad a dress shirt and tie and use the savings to pick yourself out something nice. After all, you’ve been a great son or daughter.

$20 Off Your In-Store Purchase Of $100 Or More – Get printable coupon now!

Father's Day Deal Of Day

9. Get Lucky On A Father’s Day Deal

Daily deal sites like Groupon and Woot! offer great bargains if you act fast. The links below will take you to their deal of the day pages that are updated every 24 hours. Keep an eye out for a potential gift in the days and weeks leading up to Father’s Day. For Amazon Prime members, Woot! extends free shipping on all products.

> Groupon Deal of the Day – Updated every 24 hours!

>> Woot! – See the best deals available, just today.

Grilling Meat Father's Day

10. Summer Grilling Packages For Dad

Assuming your Dad or Grandfather has a grill, you can’t go wrong with assorted grilling package from Omaha Steaks. For Father’s Day, they are offering 50% + free shipping! Follow the link below for a great value for Dad. The deal includes filet mignon, top sirloins, boneless chicken breasts, Omaha steak burgers and more.

> Summer Grilling Packages – 50% tag price + Shipped FREE.

Steak Promo Code For Dad

11. More Meat For Dad

Chicago Steak Company specializes in hand cut, Mid-west raised, Premium Angus USDA Prime Beef.  Sound like a mouthful?  Wait until you and Dad sink your teeth into the best steaks money can buy.  They even offer reward points for your purchases for bigger discounts down the line.  For now you can start with the Father’s Day promo code below!

Use Promo Code: FREESTEAK and receive 4 Sirloin Steaks with your order and a $25 Gift Check for your next order. Valid on orders $75+

A New Belt For Father's Day

12. Father’s Day Sale On Belts

Not just your standard, old fashioned belt.  Klik Belts are fashionable, heavy duty belts that feature the patented Cobra® belt buckle which is the strongest in world.  So strong, that they are approved and used by the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine uniforms.  They have many colors and styles to choose from.  Try them out using the special Father’s Day coupon code below.

> Father’s Day Sale! Save 10% on your entire order at + FREE Shipping! Code: FATHERSDAY10. Shop Now.

Do you have any Father’s Day sales that you’d like to pass along?  We want to hear from you in the comment sections below!

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