Why it Pays to be a Gap Cardmember

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Whether your style is sophisticated, preppy, fun, or sporty, the GAP family of brands has a store for you. Gap is a huge retailer that has been in business since 1969. Beginning with the actual GAP store, they soon expanded their fashion horizons and developed sister stores Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. While each brand is unique, GAP offers seriously cool benefits for loyal customers. Best Discount Programs wants you to know why it pays to be a Gap cardmember.

First off, Why You Should Become a GAP Cardmember

The answer is simple – perks. When you become an approved cardmember you earn points towards money off future purchases no matter where you shop! Buy a new pair of jeans at GAP, some pajamas for the kids at Old Navy, that sports bra you’ve been eyeing up at Athleta, or a velour blazer at Banana Republic. Either way, you earn.

How to Become a GAP Cardmember

Apply in-store at the cash register or apply online. If you are a fan of one GAP brand over the other, you can apply for that card specifically but still earn rewards if you shop at a different GAP owned store.

Cardmember Benefits

When you become an approved cardmember, you have access to exclusive savings, sneak peek offers, and other goodies. For example:

  • Spend $1 at any GAP brand store, receive 5 points.
  • For every $1 you spend at any retailer that accepts VISA, you receive 1 point.
  • Earn 500 points, get a $5 voucher to use on your next purchase.

Current Limited Time Offers:

Open a Banana Republic card and save 25% off your first purchase!

Become a GAP card member and save 20% off your first purchase!

Free Shipping is included for each of these offers.

It’s important to note that each brand has its own unique promotions as well. Additionally, each brand (except Athleta) offers a special card for all you fashionable high-rollers. If you earn 5,000 points or more in a calendar year, you also get to enjoy a step-up in your membership.

Old Navy – Navyist Card

  • Free Shipping on all purchases
  • Dedicated customer support line
  • 20% more rewards every quarter

Banana Republic  – Luxe Card

  • Free Shipping with promo code
  • Exclusive shopping days
  • Unlimited alterations so all of your clothes are a perfect fit!

GAP – Silver Card

  • Access to cardmember events
  • 20% reward point bonus every quarter
  • Free Shipping with promo code
  • Ability to choose your own sale day

Additional Benefits

If you shop at Old Navy or Gap specifically, you also get to enjoy Super Cash or Gap Cash. Shop during the specified time period and when you make the minimum purchase requirement, you earn “cash” to be used at a later date. For example, say from October 1-7 Old Navy was running a Super Cash promotion. If your purchase was between $25 – $50, then you would have earned $10 in Super Cash. While the “cash” cannot be used right away, it can be put towards a future purchase during a Super Cash redemption period.

Long story, short, pick the store that fits your personal style and reap the benefits. What’s more, use the card anywhere Visa is accepted and still earn points. Points become rewards and rewards become a whole new wardrobe. Get the most bang for your buck and become a GAP cardmember today!

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