Your Guide to Renting Textbooks

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While some students can afford the books and educational materials they need at their campus bookstore, others might find it too expensive.  One way to save money this semester is by renting your textbook. This service is extremely beneficial as it helps you score the literature you need at a price you can pay. Best Discount Programs is here to be your guide to renting textbooks.

Your Guide to Renting Textbooks

Before you head back to school, check out these 3 online providers that offer textbooks at a discount! You choose what method works best for you: Rent, Buy Used, or Buy New.


Chegg is one of the largest textbook libraries available. Students can save up to 90% off the textbooks they need just by renting instead of buying. Typically, you rent the book or books you need for the semester and then return them when you’re done. However, you can extend the due date if you need to. Other benefits to Chegg include:

  • 21 – day free risk returns
  • Account members get a four-week free trial of Chegg Study with assignment help.
  • Enjoy free book returns with a prepaid shipping label.
  • When renting textbooks, you can highlight those important sentences but writing inside the book is a no-no.
  • Books can be shipped to any location within the United States.
  • Supplementary materials like CD’s, manuals, or access codes may be included if they are necessary.
  • Some textbooks come with online access. However, students can only use the e-textbook while waiting for the arrival of the hardcopy.
  • Get money saving coupons and offers to help you save even more.

How It Works: Create an account or, enter in the textbook’s title, ISBN number, or author name and browse Chegg’s selection to see if they’re a good fit for your academic needs.


While you’re picking up the latest movie or trying to figure out what to get your 8-year-old nephew for his birthday, save some money off of your next textbook at Amazon. Choose from a wide variety of subjects or enter in the author or title of the book you need. Before you rent, keep in mind the following:

  • New or used textbook will be sent based on availability.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the condition of the book you have 30 days to send it back and request a refund.
  • Supplementary materials like CD, DVDs, and codes are not guaranteed.
  • Books must be in acceptable rental condition which means
    – Zero stains
    – No dismantled spines
    – Torn covers, no thanks.
    – No missing pages
  • You can’t use a gift card towards a book rental.
  • Based on the shipping rate, you can get your orders with 3-5 business days, two days or a day. Book rentals over $35 are eligible for Free Shipping and Prime Students are also eligible for Free 2-day shipping.
  • Amazon will send out friendly reminders about the book’s due date. But, you can also check your Amazon account under Your Textbook Rentals and extend a rental, begin a return, or opt to buy it.
  • You can buy your textbook after 30 days of renting.

How It Works: First off, do yourself a favor and sign-up for Prime Student. You can enjoy a 6-month trial right now! Then, visit Amazon’s Textbook page to find what you need.


With CampusBooks, you can buy, rent, or sell a textbook. What’s cool about CampusBooks is that it lets you compare textbook prices, so you can get the most bang for your buck. Some things to consider:

  • Save up to 90% on new and used textbooks.
  • Sell your old textbook for cash…as long as it’s in good condition. This means
    – No cover damages
    – Light highlighting or writing in the margins
    – No mold or water damage
  • Coupons, shipping costs and tax are included to prevent surprising expenses.
  • Find out which is cheaper. Buying or renting a textbook?

How It Works: Type in what you’re looking for into the search bar and choose whether you are looking to Buy or Sell. With a click of a button, let CampusBooks do the work for you. Find the book you want for the price you want and you will be redirected to the appropriate seller’s website to complete your purchase.

College is expensive enough between tuition, room and board, and those much-needed coffee runs to help keep you bright eyed while studying. Save some cash by renting books or at least buying a lightly used copy. Some students claim to have saved up to $500 by utilizing this process. So, open a new tab in your browser and find a textbook deal that helps you save money this semester.

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