What Comes in a BarkBox?

what comes in a barkbox
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Over the years, dogs have become an exuberant addition to the American family. So much so, dogs now appear in weddings, have their own conventions, and they even get pampered at special dog spas. If you love your pooch beyond words and enjoy surprises, you should look into Barkbox. But first, let us be so bold as to ask, what comes in a Barkbox?

Um, what’s a BarkBox?

For those of you who don’t know, Barkbox is a monthly subscription box service just like Cratejoy or Birchbox but it is exclusively for your pup!

What Comes in a Barkbox?

Here comes the surprise. You don’t know what exactly will be in your Barkbox until it reaches your home. However, each monthly box revolves around a theme and includes toys, treats, and chews.

There are three options that dictate how the Barkbox will be distributed. Additionally, your dog’s size, chewing level, and dietary needs will determine how your set up your subscription plan. What’s really cool is that Barkbox charges you the same monthly fee regardless if your dog is 100 pounds or 20 pounds!

Here are the qualifications for small, medium and large dogs:

  • Small dogs = 0-20 pounds
  • Medium dogs = 20-50 pounds
  • Large dogs = 50 pounds and above

There are different subscription plans and they include:

  • A one-month subscription which is $29.
  • A six-month subscription which is $25 per month per Barkbox.
  • A year subscription which is $21 per month per Barkbox.

You can even upgrade your subscription and get a premium toy for an extra $9.

Super Chewer Subscription

Apart from the normal subscription options, you can choose the Super Chewer level. These boxes are made for those tough doggies out there and include durable toys, hearty chews, and full bags of treats.

Super Chewer subscription prices are as follows:

  • A one-month plan is $39 per Barkbox.
  • A six-month plan is $34 per month per Barkbox.
  • A one-year plan is $29 every month per Barkbox.

Why We Love Barkbox

Besides the fact that Barkbox is all about showing your dog how pawsome they are, we also love the fact that…

  1. Barbox stands behind their products. If your dog doesn’t like a toy or if he or she rips a Super Chewer toy, Barkbox will send you a new one for FREE! That’s like daring your four-legged friend to play to their heart’s content.
  2. Shipping is FREE. Did you notice the word “free” mentioned a couple of times in this post?
  3. Pure Puppy Joy! Your pup will never get bored as the theme changes every month. Which means, no repeat toys.

So, stop wasting time and check out Barkbox today. You can sign-up for yourself or even give it as a gift. Show that special dog how much you care with Barkbox!

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