Is Having a BJ’s Wholesale Membership Worth It?

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Buy items in bulk and enjoy helpful discounts at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Often known as just BJ’s, this membership warehouse is available in 15 states with more than 200 stores. Being a member of BJ’s Wholesale provides a lot of perks and gives members access to free samples and discounts on a variety of products. But, is having a BJ’s membership worth it?

Is Having a BJ’s Wholesale Membership Worth It?

Whether you are used to buying in bulk or are new to the wholesale club, many household’s often wonder if these memberships are worth it. At BJ’s, you can choose between two main membership programs. Now, each program comes with an annual fee and provides different benefits.

BJ’s Perks Rewards

Become a Perks Rewards member and pay an annual fee of $110. With your membership, get 2% cashback on most purchases. Enjoy member benefits which include:

  • Exclusive offers and coupons
  • Discounts at the pump and at the tire center
  • Shop online or in-store
  • Save money on food
  • Take advantage of travel services
  •  Get 2 cards to share for 1 account

BJ’s Inner Circle

The Inner Circle rewards program offers a ton of the same benefits as the Perks program but, you do not get the 2% cashback. Members in this category pay just $55 per year and have access to:

  • Free coupons that can be stacked at the time of redemption
  •  Online and in-store deals
  • BJ’s Automotive Services (Tire & Gas)
  • Fresh foods
  • Travel services
  • An additional card for use
  • Online shopping and in-store pick-up

Other Membership Options

While the aforementioned are the main programs to enroll in, BJ’s has other options available.

Military Membership – Get all the benefits of the Inner Circle membership for a discounted rate. All active and veteran U.S. Military personnel can present a valid military ID and save money off their membership.

College Membership – Score groceries and personal items for the whole dorm! With proper school-issued identification, you get a single card to shop with.

Online Only Membership – For just $10 a year you can log in to BJ’s website and get a discount on a wide variety of items. With this membership, you are unable to access in-store services and must participate in auto-renewal.

Business Membership – Get what you need for your small business at BJ’s! Whether you are buying fresh produce for your restaurant or stocking up on office supplies, this membership entitles you to the benefits of the Inner Circle program but with the ability to upgrade to the Perks Program if eligible. You will be issued one business card and one supplemental card. However, you can buy up to 8 supplemental cards to distribute to employees if needed.

Did you get all that? If you need more information, visit BJ’s Membership page for a full list of Terms & Conditions.

Well… Is it Worth it?

To make a long story short, yes! You can save time and money when you shop at BJ’s. Instead of running to the grocery store weekly for paper products or food, you can load up your cart at BJ’s and not run out as often. Additionally, you save money on electronics, appliances, toys, and other specialty items as they are available at a discounted price. BJ’s Wholesale Club is perfect for holiday shopping or for finding a gift at a great price. Enroll in a membership today!

Have you recently signed up for a membership at BJ’s Wholesale Club? If so, tell us about your shopping (and savings) experience in the comments section below.

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