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Summer is quickly approaching and you are in need of some quality outdoor furniture for entertaining.  Sound like you?  If yes, Costco has you covered.  If no, Costco still has you covered for all of your other life essentials — at a discount!  All you need is a Costco membership to take advantage of the savings.

So the question is, how can double up on the savings and receive a discount for signing up for a Costco membership?

Fortunately for you, you came to the right place.

Best Discount Programs explores all the ways to save on Costco Memberships in 2018:

1. Groupon Deals On Costco Membership

The place for all the latest and greatest discounts, Groupon, will periodically run special pricing on first time Costco memberships.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Costco Gold Star Membership Package for $60 loaded with additional discounts.

The deal includes:

  • One year Gold Star Membership (regular price $60)
  • $20 Costco Card Cash (gift card)
  • Exclusive coupons for Kirkland Signature products
  • $25 off of a $250 purchase coupon for
  • $75 Costco Card towards Costco Travel destinations (excluding cruises and 3rd party packages)

2. Costco Student Discount

We realize this only applies to a small amount of people but it is still worth mentioning for all the college students out there.

Students who purchase a Costco Membership Activation Certificate for their new Gold Star Membership will earn a $10 Costco Cash Card, essentially taking $10 off the cost of a one year membership.

Book worms can score a $20 Costco Cash Card if they spring for the Gold Star Executive Membership.  That is a membership discount of 16% off.

3. Costco Membership Discount with AAA

AAA is America’s most popular discount program.  Costco is America’s most popular discount warehouse.  It only makes sense that the two would team up to extend exclusive discounts on a Costco membership.

Unfortunately, receiving a discount on your Costco membership with your AAA membership is not a real thing.  AAA is a very popular discount program in it’s own right.

When all else fails, the final option is your best chance at a discounted Costco Membership.

4. Be A Smart Shopper

That’s right.  Be effective in your shopping and the cost of your Costco membership will more than pay for itself.

Buying in bulk already brings savings compared to traditional brick and mortars.  But buying the right things in bulk (weekly specials, out of season, larger one time buys, etc) can wash out the annual membership fee.

Here is some math for you.

The cost of Gold Star Executive Membership is $120.

You earn 2% on purchases with the Gold Star Executive Membership.

If you spend $6,000 at Costco, that’s $500 a month, your Gold Star Executive Membership will pay for itself with the cash back earned.

Did you use a Costco membership discount code or save on a new membership promotion?  We want to hear about it.  Please tell us your story in the comments section below.

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