What is the LA Fitness AAA Discount?

la fitness aaa discount
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Save On LA Fitness Membership with AAA

AAA is not just for dining and driving!

LA Fitness prides itself on being a comfortable and affordable fitness club. They offer group classes and plenty of equipment. Plus, who doesn’t want to go to a larger, well maintained gym rather than Bob’s Basement weights when you are looking to shed a few pounds. LA Fitness is a gym that offers a variety of fitness and healthy choices to its members. No pizza to get you in the door and “alien vomit purple” machines everywhere. Just a professionally maintained group and individual exercise area for you when you need it. If you’re a AAA member, you can join LA Fitness for a discount! We at Best Discount Programs looked into the LA Fitness AAA Discount and here’s the full report.

What is the LA Fitness AAA Discount?

To access this discount, AAA members must login into the AAA website and go to the Discounts & Rewards section. It will find your estimated location and you will possibly have to enter your zip code. Don’t worry about the pop-up asking you for the zip code. That is just how their service works.

AAA Discount Zip Code Prompt

From there, members can search for LA Fitness and when they find the deal, click Shop Now. Members will be redirected to the LA Fitness website where they can then enroll.

The Main Discount Breakdown On LA Fitness AAA Discount

The Savings:

  • For AAA members, initiation is free. In essence, members will not have to pay the usual $99 initiation fee.
  • Monthly membership fee is $29.99
  • Access to LA Fitness Club.
  • Multistate membership card

The Restrictions:

  • Prospective members must be 18 or above
  • Prospective members must be ready to sign the agreement form.
  • Automatic payments must be made. Members can use a Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover card.
  • Offer is only available to new members.
  • Discount cannot be used with other promotions, coupons and discounts


What Do You Get With A LA Fitness Membership?

When AAA members join LA Fitness they can enjoy the following amenities (dependent on location and some may incur additional fees):

  • Cardio, free weights, and weight machines
  • Personal training
  • Basketball, volleyball, or racquetball court access
  • Swimming pool access

Group fitness class such as:

  • Yoga
  • Aqua aerobics
  • High & low effect boxing
  • Various dance inspired workouts
  • Zumba
  • Cycling
  • Ab work
  • Aquafit
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi

Check Out Their App!

Another great thing to mention is the app! LA Fitness has a great app for their members. You can reserve a bike, plan for a pilates class, take your membership card, and do so much more from your phone! Their app really adds ease of use to the fitness club experience. The LA Fitness app is just another perk you can use to budget your time around your fitness and a benefit to being a member. We here at Best Discount Programs have always looked for an app to be tied to a service or membership. It can really increase the value of the service you are getting or help you find even more savings. This does exactly that. Use your AAA membership to sign up then use the app to plan. This way you can see what works with your schedule to reach your fitness goals!

Find an LA Fitness club close to you when visit their locations page.  And remember, you can get first-rate fitness facility access without having to spend too much!

Have you used your AAA membership to get a discount on LA Fitness? If so, did you find the process easy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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